Filtri GRIDD per acque meteoriche

GRIDD Filter

The GRIDD filter: innovative, simple and cheap

Gambiente has patented in the year 2017 the innovative filtering drain for meteoric waters "GRIDD".

It's a filter that fits directly into road drains and holds off solids, sand and polluting oils dragged by rain water.

What means GRIDD?

GRIDD is the acronym of GRIgliatura, Dissabbiatura, Disoleatura (Italian); these are the minimum treatments required for the depuration of meteoric waters.

How is it done?

It's made of a grid frame in stainless steel with a large polyethylene funnel that allows easy housing in a road drain with filtering bag that can be made of in tissue non tissue or other materia.
Between the bag and the steel basket a filter in foamed polyurethane foam with 10 PPI (Pores per Inch) is positioned.


Used in widespread treatment (in every drainage) of weather waters is therefore to be considered as an enhancement of the planned centralized purification systems from the D.Lgs 152/06 of grilling, sand separation and oiling.

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GRIDD Filter

Filter bag and coalescence filter

Ease of use


No tools are needed.
Just lift the cast iron grill and insert GRIDD, placing it directly on the inside edge of the road drain.


The ordinary maintenance of the GRIDD consists in the simple replacement of the filter bag (on average four times a year) and the coalescing filter (about once a year).

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